Republicans folding with 4 aces

Several years ago, after Washington Republicans did nothing but make excuses for not getting rid of Obamacare, I told a friend that even if Republicans controlled the House, the Senate, the presidency, and the Supreme court, they would still find an excuse for not doing the things voters elected them to do. Fast forward to today. They are now in the fabled catbird seat; they hold all the cards. What about Obamacare? Talk of Obamacare repeal was just talk. What is talked about instead? Trumpcare. Regardless of what it’s supposed to do, or not do, Trumpcare is not the total repeal of Obamacare that Republican voters asked for.

I’m not sure why conservative voters would defend Trump on this. Trump isn’t, and never has been, a conservative. For that matter, most of our Washington Republicans aren’t conservatives either. Paul Ryan is a rhetorician, not a conservative. If you ignore what he says and watch what he does, he is not a conservative. Wikileaks exposed the media and the Democrats for what they are. Folding a hand while holding 4 aces is proving what the our elected Republicans really are.