Is Kissinger the wind beneath Nikki Haley’s wings?

Nikki Haley has been the darling of Republicans recently. Her appointment as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations put her in the public eye, and I don’t think I’ve heard a Republican say a bad word about her. They like her tough talk and confident attitude. Some have even speculated that she could end up as Secretary of State, or even President some day. In a very short time she’s gone from relative political obscurity to being a household name—especially now that things are heating up in Syria.

No doubt she is smart, but it seems unlikely she would be given such an important position with her lack of previous experience. It seems like she is getting help. When the Establishment wants you, it can open doors that would otherwise be closed. Her rise reminds me a little of George H. W. Bush, who was also U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. and ended up as President.

While she doesn’t appear on the membership roster of the Council on Foreign Relations, I did find an interesting connection to Henry Kissinger in a Politico article. The article discusses rumors of a supposed affair with President Trump. The rumors don’t seem likely. Much more interesting was the part of her interview where she mentioned Kissinger:

And then Trump asked Haley to join his administration. Having risen from a state Legislature, she had little preparation for the job.

“This has felt like a big crash course, but I love it,” she said. “I am a fast learner and especially when it’s something I love, I soak it all in.”

Haley said former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger — with whom she shares monthly lunches — has had the biggest influence on her worldview.’ – Politico Jan-26-2018

Similar to Haley, Kissinger had his own meteoric rise to political prominence under Nixon. In the decades that followed he has played a major, but much less visible, role in politics. Could Kissinger be the one giving her wings to fly? Is she Kissinger’s protégé?

For those who don’t want to trust Politico, Nikki Haley posted this on Twitter:

Her obvious admiration for Kissinger is disturbing. I know very little about her, other than a handful of articles I’ve read, and some of the opinions she has expressed. She is in the Establishment camp as far as I’m concerned, though I think the things she says—similar to the Bush presidents—will get good reviews from most Republicans. I won’t be surprised if I someday hear her say “New World Order” in a speech.